Special arrangements through Tams Witmark. Music, Lyrics and Book by Lionel Bart  Licensed by Arrangement with Oliver Productions, Ltd.  and Oliver Promotions, Ltd.

Fountain City Festival is proud to announce that our 2015 summer musical will be the family classic Oliver, July 30th – August 2nd at the Bryan Arts & Education Building in Bryan, Ohio.

The Cast of Oliver has been Announced!

Oliver Twist – Noah Widman

Fagin- Denver Henderson

The Artful Dodger- Cory Yosick

Nancy- Destiny Lee

Bill Sykes- TBA

Bet- Anna Pitman

Mr. Bumble- Dave Perkins

Widow Corney- Lora Knight

Workhouse Assistant- Gage Vermillion

Mr. Sowerberry- Brandon Gordon

Mrs. Sowerberry- Katherine Acus

Charlotte- Sam Brinkman

Noah Claypole- Gus Stuckey

Mrs. Bedwin- Stacy Lehman

Mr. Brownlow- TBA

Dr. Grimwig- Jake McAfee

Rose Seller (Soloist)- Anna Pitman

Milkmaid (Soloist)- Megan Steel

Strawberry Seller (Soloist)- Sara Yosick

Knife Grinder (Soloist)- Austin Teegarden

Long Song Seller (Soloist)- Kenny Beucler

Orphan/Workhouse Boy – Redding Anthonsen

Orphan/Workhouse Boy – Drew Acus

Orphan/Workhouse Boy- Sam Acus

Orphan/Workhouse Boy- Logan Psurny

Orphan/Workhouse Boy- Ryan Knight

Orphan/Workhouse Boy- Dylan McCandless

Orphan/Workhouse Boy- Ali Diaw

Orphan/Workhouse – Aicha Diaw

Orphan/Workhouse – Katie Seaman

Orphan/Workhouse – Sarah Knight

Orphan/Workhouse – Montesa Vollmar

Orphan/Workhouse  Peyton Stahler

Orphan/Workhouse – Leah Pitman

Ensemble – Samantha Hanover, Michele McCandless, Crystal Goodnight, Ashley Buttermore, Allison Buttermore, Brooke Ward, Bailey Ward, Sydni Weigle, Cameron Lyon

We are still looking for adults, particularly males, to add to our ensemble. If you would be interested. If you would be interesting in being considered, contact Director, Crystal Bowers at 419.212.1083.